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From development to delivery - Saying 👋 from Montréal!

Who am I?

Probably more known by my username zaclimon, I am an IT Engineering undergraduate student that enjoys building and maintaining reliable and scalable software. Started from my old and trusty Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 4.0 (YP-G1) I developed a passion for Android mobile development on my free time. Outside tweaking, I mostly relax by running or learning more about Japanese culture. よろしくお願いします! 😊

One's progress

  • schoolÉcole de technologie supérieure (ÉTS): Information Technology Engineering (2016-)
    Although called "Information Technology" officially, the curriculum is akin to a traditional Software Engineering one. Even if challenging at times, I had the wonderful opportunity to work abroad (Japan) as well as being able to impact the way students interact with the institution every day. (App|ETS) This program definitely helped me have a better vision of the way I should emphasize my skills.

  • workAutodesk: Software Engineering Intern (Winter 2020)
    Continuing on that series of "first", I had the opportunity to participate in the development of a backend service in TypeScript and Node.js for migrating data between two data storage solutions offered by the company. As opposed to individual software development, I worked in a team and also get familiar with the software development lifecyle as well as Agile practices.

  • workNTT: Infrastructure Engineering Intern (Summer 2019)
    As my first experience working abroad, I implemented the Virtual Network Function (VNF) Clearwater using containerization and orchestration technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes. I also had to collect data based on defined testing scenarios. The main objective is to analyze the behavior of applications designed for the Cloud so their patterns can be used inside the company's internal systems. I also had to adapt and familiarize myself with Japanese culture and lifestyle which is different than what can be seen in North America.

  • workLoto-Québec: Release Engineering Intern (Winter 2018)
    Developped a new software delivery pipeline with Jenkins and Groovy. Using this alongside tools like Git, JBoss, and Ansible, I was also able to help in the usage of continuous integration practices for the company. To ensure this, I had not only to adapt my workflow but also to promote the DevOps initiative throughout the company.

  • group_workApp|ETS: Mobile Enginnering Student Club Captain (Fall 2017 - Winter 2019)
    First challenge where I do not only have to maintain the applications being used over by thousands of users every day, but also to be able to push myself and the members in order to further innovate. It is a great way to learn on a smaller scale how the business environment deals with these kind of situations on the daily. My projects so far are the redesign and deployment of a beta version of ÉTSMobile, ÉTS's official application for both supported platforms (Android/iOS), the support of the IT infrastructure comprised of services like AWS and Netlify as well as facilitate the integration of newcomers to the mobile development world.

  • schoolAhuntsic College: Computer Networking Management (2013-2016)
    After finishing high school, this has been my first real dip into the concrete study of computer-based concepts. I have been learning Linux and Windows Server for enterprises alongside networking concepts like addressing and routing. Furthermore, I also learned the bases of programming with Java as well as scripting using Bash and PowerShell.

  • workIAMGold Corporation: IT Support Intern (Summer 2016)
    My role here was to help the employees of the company whether they had problems with their computers that was causing them not being able to work anymore. It was the first time I was in a complete Microsoft (Windows Server, Windows 7, 8.1, 10, Outlook, etc...) environment and as such, I had to adapt myself to the difference in the culture. Following the experience I had before, I had the change to improve on my debugging abilities as well as my scripting ones to further enhance the productivity at work.

  • workExpertus Technologies: Technical Analyst Intern (Summer 2015/ Winter 2016)
    As my "first" experience in the domain, my main role was to search ways to improve employees productivity alongside supporting the applications used by the customers of the company. I learned a lot during this time since my main projects were to improve the ways to access remotely the environment (Using 2FA with Duo) and to create a pool of logging servers to ensure a better understanding of the applications/systems. (Using Syslog/CentOS/Bash)


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